Tuesday, February 23, 2010


As I write I'm put in a place where what I can express all that I have inside in a little blog. There is something more when the plastic of the keys I feel uncensored power I just feel right and safe. Feeling can sometimes be great and can sometimes be horrible. Some feeling you may not like the feel or rejection, uncomfortable, icky, these are feeling that might lead you to hate the human ability to feel, but there is many feeling that may lead you to feel differently, that feeling is love and I'm not talking about feeling in love I'm talking about the feeling of love, what is the difference? Well here is my story I have a love partner weather we both share that I am unsure, but I do know is that when we lay together and a slight brush of her bare skin against I get feeling in side of bubbles rushing from my toes to my head a sensation that I would never trade, but then again I ask my self is it worth to feel the moment of this amazing high flush throughout your body. Is it worth it when you don't know that the other person feels the same.... I don't know to be honest. I follow on simple rule. Stay, wait and love and hopefully one-day love will stay and wait with you.

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