Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Perfect Love…(Not Right ending, this is a rushed ending)

My life is based off two worlds, what’s said to be real and the fantasy of which, I wish my life could be. The world of which everything I could ever want to happen, happens, just like that, perfection.

For example the first kiss, where that beautiful rule of twenty, eighty percent commit rule comes into play, so you don’t bang noses.

You both decided to go for a walk in the park beside the water and right before you kiss you feel that tingly sensation and right before you touch lips these random fire works go off behind your head

And after you look and admire them, then you look back into each others eyes, kiss and just fall madly in love,

Until that unholy thing we call reality sets in and you realize that you only knew the girl for three days, she didn’t really move in for a kiss she was staggering because she was drunk, that park that your in, is a basement, the water is actually a can of beer you just kicked over, and those fire works? Some kid thought it would be a grand idea to just light off some firecrackers inside the house… Oh and that look in her eyes that’s not love what it really means is take one step back, not just because once she realizes what she’s done she will regret ever looking at you, but… because she had nothing to eat to day and a lot of booze and empty stomach can make some pretty nasty concoction.

There’s some reality for you, but one night that all change.

Fast-forward to the club, no fast forward to the perfect night. After my usual three-step plan to fail of find seek and get rejected. I found myself looking over

at the dance floor and had a sad realization of my life

Was this who I really am, am I meant to be single

And right then my eyes glanced over and caught the eye of this girl and a smile consumed my face

I walked over to her in this cool calm manner, actually I scurried over and destroyed me hip against a pole. As I catch my breath and wipe my tears I say the only six words I a guy knows can I get you a drink?

As the night goes on we sing songs and dance and just connect on so many levels, she was amazing and funny and… and… I had to kiss her.

as I lean in she leans in I close my eyes and she closes her eyes and right before our lips touch she puts her fingers on my lips and shakes her head and right then we come to this sad realization that the big romantic moments are amazing when they happen but reality doesn’t allow for romance. See the thing that ruins the perfect first impression is the second meeting and what’s the point of having this perfect night and ruin it later.

So we dont exchange numbers, and decided to call it a night the only problem was watching her leave would be the worst memory ever knowing I let the perfect girl just leave would kill me.

She ask me to get her a drink and when I came back she was gone

The perfect night with the perfect end

When I woke up the next morning I smiled remembering the perfect night I just had where reality and fantasy came together. There is so much wrong in this world and this is the one thing where I can say everything went right and…. I have to see her, I quickly jump on facebook and search her name, and text everyone I can think who was there was a school event being held there and maybe she went to our school or something, maybe I should just leave it alone? And not ruin this for the both of us

Hold on just a second…

It’s a text,

Do you know whos number is 222-4653

It says… thanks for the date

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