Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day One. False Love? Or New Crush?

What love? Can we define it? Can we draw it? Can we see it? Or better yet, can we feel it? Yes that is the right question can we feel love and to be honest I don't have an answer to spoon-feed you I don't really have an answer at all. Through out my life I can say that I have thought I felt true love once and only for that one girl. If I felt in love then was it really what I felt or what was happening in our lives that just help us become closer with each other? See at the time my mom left me and my sister alone and exactly where she went not many of us know, well to be honest one her and the man she met a couple nights ago knew, so me and my sister where getting moved around from group home to group home know I could be a sap and say something like well we still have each other but this isn't one of those stories this is life. My and my sister were not together in fact we actually didn't see each other for years because of locations changing and her dad my step dad lived in Montréal and had no clue of what was going on. So my family was broken... sorry smashed and her family "the girl I felt in love with" was complete and whole and accepted me in as if I was on of their own, beautiful feeling being accepted. So now we ask is this love or is this a brief refuge from pain? Is how people treat us love? But then what if a person is just being kind. I really like this: Their are people in life who make you laugh, Their are people who will make you sad, Their are people who will make you smile, Their are people who will make you cry, Their are people who will love you, and their are people who will break you heart, When these people will come in your life or if they every come in your life is unknown, what is know is this. There will be people in your life and they will make you feel a certain way that inevitable, but then there people who you'll just think about and not stop thinking about until your together and even when you are your still thinking what's on their mind and thought it may not be right away these are the people to me that we begin to love because these are the people we can't stand not having in our lives and time does not exist with this feeling, because when you are struck with this feeling there are only two things that exist you and the person you can't stop thinking about. So can we feel love, maybe, but trust me when you love somebody you won't feel it, it just sneaks up on ya.

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