Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Am I to available for you?

Do we make ours selves to available for our partners that they lose feeling for us, or better yet they begin the feel as if they have no need to play their full part in the relationship? I once felt in this constant state of mind that my mate doesn't care about the outcome of our relationship weather it's because I put so much in that it seems like she puts little in or does she really not put much in? I really think that it's the first one I put my everything into being this great boy friend and don't get me wrong I'm still who I am and who I always will be and I just really like to be a great boy friend but is this my weakness, because she knows I will always be around for her, does this mean she can call the shots and take her time deciding weather we should be together or not? I'm in love and I’m willing to give all it takes to be a great man as an athlete I follow the worlds of the great jerry rice I won't to be known for the man I am off the field and only recognizing for what I do on the field.

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